How DEEP is your LOVE?

Published on 14 May 2022 at 18:21

How deep is your Love?


No, it’s not the lyrics of Take That 😁 Although I could use a song which catapults me back to the time when I was young and life was joyfully without worries.


Seems like we experience nothing but worries these days. “How will we make the necessary change that is required from us, and what is my personal part in this? “ “How to move from one Era into another while the old Era keeps on dominating the current structures? “ “What is coming for us and how about our children? “ “Is this ever going to end? “ “How will I do this? And That?”...


I hear you. Aren’t we all feeling these questions inside us?


Well, pioneers, we did it! We managed to pass through the wringer. We’ve made it to the exit point and are birthing ourselves upon the spheres we call “New Earth”. Gaia is content, she marks the start of an exit point very thoroughly, and THAT is what we are feeling right now.


The plan is made and being executed. No more drama and old ways of living. No more pain and suffering, but the realization of our true Spirit: I AM 💜 There is no suffering in I AM.


Our worries represent the ego seeking to find its place into the new world. The new world is just a way of Being, of realization and embodying Spirit. The way we see things changes what and how we feel. We become aware and acknowledge who we are, what we are capable of, and that the Universe is ourselves being conscious. What a pleasant theme to talk about. If you are willing to see, come join me here and feel what I’m about to say.


You are anything but fragile, you are everything that is. How deep is your Love? Truly, how deep? I do not speak of Love romantically. I’m talking about the Self in a way you haven’t comprehended yet.

What makes you go around to see things in the world? Self

What makes you enjoy life even more? Self

What are you experiencing in everyday life throughout every moment? Self

So, how deep is your Love (Self)?


Are you open to stretch the limbs and dive into the depth of Self ? If you are willing to see that, you will realize that it is all (about) you directing, creating, manifesting and existing. Are you deep enough to see yourself, to feel yourself and BE yourself? It is self what you’ve been waiting for. That moment of realization that it is all about Self. I AM.


Then, you will find your way through all. Paths will clear, karma goes and everything becomes instant manifestation coming from the mind of knowing and being conscious of You.


Pfiew 😅 So that’s what it is all about, huh?!? Just that? It is as simple as that?

It can be, yes. But the perception from the ego mind says differently. Of course, it wants to hold its grounds. And we have invited the ego to participate into our created reality of the matrix. We needed this for the experience that is necessary.


I, personally, thrive on change and Transformation. My whole life, so far, has been transformation and constant change. In such a way that it seems, I can’t function without it. Yet I find it difficult this time. I seem to struggle this time to go through my favorite part of life: change. Even with many Uranus planets in my chart and being an Aquarian (freedom, change), it just feels a hard one. Aries with Jupiter energies and total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio are influencing my field very tangible.


Feeling the pull to leave everything behind, life as I know, and end everything to start anew without any attachments. Normally I have no issues doing that, I’ve left many situations and people behind multiple times. I even jump blindly. But now it feels less easy.


Avalon calls me to come home and travel back to a past lifetime. As far as I know, that will mark a new beginning for me. Funny how it will come forth from another timeline – a past timeline.


Anyone else noticing how the pulling and inviting is strong these days? This blindly, and challenging you to go without too much wondering. And talking about the arising of past handled issues. Yes, those are back in town. How do you feel about it now? Revisiting with bran new awareness.


I have much more to share, but this will be it in a nutshell. More to come when time is right.


Much love, peace

Méline Portia Lafont


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