Raise your vibration 


Are you feeling low lately? tired? exhausted and empty? angry? emotional?  fed up? things are just not flowing for you?...


You need a breather, time for a shift!


Good news: we can change this, and it is quite simple as well.  Everything starts with intention.


Join our live event online to raise your vibration.  For about 7 days in a row, we will join together for an hour each time.  7 days in a row, we share a moment in time and space to elevate your personal frequency, as this is the main focus.  


We work with 7 Masters, 7 light rays and 7 dimensions during 7 following days - 1 hour each day.

After 7 days of daily work, you will feel lighter & much better, AND your light will shine. Raising your vibration = more flow and happiness. The biggest gift to yourself and the world: when you raise your vibration, you help and heal the world's frequency.


* This is an online meeting - group - so a good internet connection and a space where you can sit quiet and undisturbed are required.

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