Méline Lafont ~ Energy therapist, chakra and aura healing, transformative life coach and Multidimensional Spiritual mentor.


My name is Méline and I am an author, writer, guide and coach in the field of Transformation. Let's say "Transformative" is the least you can say about my work and guidance in the field of coaching and spiritual mentorship. Behind my layer as a human being I have multiple layers of experience in the field of energy work, healing, channeling and coaching in real life. I have seen much from esoteric worlds to physical challenges and as a mentor I have been assisting with the process of thousands of transformations my clients went through. That is why I have a lot of experience to offer.


I have worked for years in the healthcare area, but also in the field of energetic therapy and spirituality. My spiritual journey started when I was 10 years old when my first gift was presenting itself: seeing auras. Later on, physical and telepathic channeling activated.


After years of offering services such as healings and readings, channelings, workshops, courses and coaching on a high international level, I have now embarked on a new journey to combine the energetic world and knowledge with the physical world and care/health experience. As an Aquarian my task in the Age of Aquarius is to assist in the transformation of the Golden Age. I work mainly with Cosmic and Galactic energy. I also practice yoga, which inspires me.

Horses have been an important aspect in my life, I could not wish for better teachers than them. They have taught me how everything is connected and what communication is really about, how to do this without words, and how to pick up so much through observation.

I am delighted to bring this website to your path with inspiring texts that come from the field of spiritual knowledge mixed with embodied experiences and earthly reality. May my work inspire you and above all set things in motion for you as these have done for me.


Welcome to House of Aquarius

Love, Méline