Transformaton Path ©

This path takes you through the world of Transformation and rediscovery of lost knowledge. This is accompanied by activation work under the guidance of the Masters and Cosmic energy. A true Transformative path to Mastery: you have everything within yourself and we awaken that back.


This path is for you when:

  • you want to grow in releasing
  • you wish to change/implement change in your life
  • you're on the brink of change
  • you have the feeling of being stuck
  • you wish to grow
  • you are open and are devoted to work on yourself
  • you want to make your potential to come out
  • you want to deepen the connection with your SELF and the Cosmos
  • you wish to deepen your path in spirituality and the energetic realm
  • you grow much better under guidance and with support
  • you would like to connect with others alongside your inner work (group sessions)
  • you wish to manifest and achieve change on a fast - rapid pace (individual path)
  • you are on the search for your Self (who AM I?)
  • when you are ready for change and understand that it is a process


What will this path bring you?

  • The ability to work with change
  • peace and acceptance in life
  • bending negativity to positivity
  • an "overall well being" and happy feeling 
  • to be coherent and in balance with all of your layers as a human
  • growth and possibilities
  • to work with your potential
  • making your potentials come true
  • connection and alignment 
  • being connected and aware of your feelings and yourself
  • feeling stronger and more confident
  • more relaxed, grounded
  • to be able and handle with crises moments, even to get potential out of it
  • a clean human temple with its layers
  • be-freeing experience
  • you can release better and see the reasons behind things
  • a deeper understanding about yourself and everything, the Cosmos


In this trajectory, 1 path is available:

There is 1 pathway for each according to their own personal needs. Only Springboard 1 is the extended path with a duration of 6 months where you will be guided one on one (online) for all sessions. This is a journey and a movement where we will connect with all your layers as human Being and Cosmic Being. No dimension will be skipped, making for an intense but above all fascinating journey.


Registrations Transformation Pathway Individual counselling.       Starts immediately - possible from October 2023             


* 1 spot left for 2023 *

Current Sale rate: 2000  Euro  (installment payments possible)


All sessions take place online and are designed through YOUR PERSONAL needs. A tailor-made program and individual counselling. These sessions are organized twice a month on a day of your choice (for example: always on a Thursday if you choose Thursday evenings). We make this a fixed moment. Can't make it? No worries, we will look for another time together.


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