Remote energy healing sessions are available for everyone who lives outside of Belgium.  The same methods will be used (aura and chakra healing, light and energy), except for the Singing Bowls and pressure points.  Additionally, you will receive a healing report which elaborates about your 7 basic chakras, your lower bodies + information about the healing.  This will be sent to you as a PDF-file through e-mail.


You can apply for one by ordering this session in the webshop, and we will schedule a time that works for us both.


Healing sessions in my practice and in person are to be ordered by email - use the contact button.

Energy healing

If you wish to come and see me to receive your energy healing in person contact me to schedule.

In addition to the physical form, the body consists of many layers (aura) and chakras (energetic centers) where countless influences can be present. Daily influences that one picks up can disrupt the entire equilibrium system, just like inner emotions, stress and blocked feelings / experiences.


Stress has been a known customer for centuries. Unfortunately, stress increases in life due to the increasing pressure and high expectations that people experience in day-to-day life. Be it your job, your relationships, your household life, school and society. It makes people feel unhappy, and they experience themselves as irritable and unpleasant. The limit of tolerance is therefore very low when one feels stressed.


Stress is also a signal that your body sends out to make you aware of something. It actually wants to tell you that you have crossed your boundary and that something needs to be adjusted in your life. It is a sign of being out of balance because your limit has been reached. Limits are here to indicate which zones are pleasant for you, feel comfortable and guarantee your balance.


Do you have stress and / or blockages? Then you can order an energy healing to look at those boundaries, to find out which ones have been exceeded, what it means to you and to bring you back into balance. This is an energetic treatment where we provide the chakras and your body with rest while we work towards an "energetic flow" for your entire physical body. Here we work through the chakra and aura healing method and pressure points (only when you come in person). Each remote treatment contains a healing report.


Price: 111 Euro for 1 hour on remote

Full treatment option: 188 Euro for 2 hours on remote (includes energetic healing + healing past lives + activation)

Transformative healing

If you wish to come and see me to receive your energy healing in person contact me to schedule.

This session is everything about transformation and assisting you with whatever you would like to transform in your life - need to transform in your life.  An intense session where you will not only receive the energy to help you transform but where you will need to do this yourself as everything starts from you. Therefore, it is an active session where you participate consciously and will work for it - you do the transformation under my guidance as an energy facilitator and activator.


We begin with a meditation / activation together, followed by an energy healing session. You receive your mantra or symbol for you personally afterwards to continue this process of transformation.


This powerful session moves your energy, instigates change and activates portals in your aura - chakras, aligns you with your Blueprint, brings you into coherence and balance, helps you to release and neutralize old fabrics, sets free, transcends old patterns, activates the Merkabah, integrates renewed insights and wisdom, opens your inner potential...


Done online and audio recorded.


2,5 hour session 

Normal price: 235 Euro per session of 2.5 hour

Crystal Healing

If you wish to come and see me to receive your energy healing in person contact me to schedule.

The crystals play an important role in this energetic healing. I call these beautiful apparitions my "companions". Crystals are very powerful and have a lot to offer. They assist you during your inner journey, they charge you, they strengthen the talents just like your inner strengths, they heal pains and discomfort, they absorb and transmute toxins, they are a catalyst during a transition and activation ... 


Since crystals are consciousness, they help to connect with the higher world. Their frequencies are of a higher and finer level, which means that you can taste a refined and higher frequency during a crystal healing.


These sessions have an activating, purifying and transmuting effect. If you are looking for some form of purification or connection with more "spiritual energies" then a crystal healing is definitely a good alignment for you.


Here we work through the chakra and aura method and crystals that are placed on your chakras and around you. Each treatment contains a healing report.

Price: 99 Euro per session 1h 

Galactic healing

If you wish to come and see me to receive your energy healing in person contact me to schedule.

With this Galactic energetic healing we will work with different energies of the Universe. The Galactic dimensions consist of much higher frequencies than our Earth dimension and communicate through geometries. A geometric symbol activates deeper layers of consciousness within yourself as well as a connection to your Galactic lineage.


This Galactic healing will assist you in making a connection with the galactic dimensions Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Venus, Vega, Orion, the Pleiades and others .... A much deeper healing can take place with the help of these frequencies, colors and geometries.


These sessions are rather activating and work as openers. Note: the energy can be very strong !! That is why it is recommended to already have some experience with Reiki, healing and spirituality.


We work here with geometry symbols, galactic sounds and galactic energies / rays.


Price: 122 Euro for 1 h 

188 Euro for 2 hours of deep activation - alignment and expansion + report