Since it is my great belief that everything complements each other and that different therapies can not only complement but also reinforce each other, I am happy to offer a wide range of services. There is not only 1 truth in life, but everything can be a truth at any different NOW moment. Nothing is certain, everything is in motion. All my services are based, among other things, on courses that I have received, but these are mainly the result of innate gifts and experiences that I have built up during my lifetimes. I am someone who is always eager to broaden my horizons and bring all my knowledge together into a concept which stands for whom I AM. I have a background of classical medical knowledge due to 15 years and more working in the health care, an alternative medicine and energetic therapy experience, a life coach degree and extensive experience with horses as well as the spiritual realms.  I believe in bringing different aspects together and combine them.  I would like to offer you the following services: