"The Universe is saying : Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen."

~ Klaus Joehle ~



Channeling course online ©



Would you like to learn to channel?

Are you looking for a connection with your guides?

Do you want to work more with your intuition?

Are you looking for a deeper connection with your Higher Self, so that you can carry more light from your soul into your body?


This online course is for you if:

  • You want to rediscover your high sensitivity,
  • You have trouble grounding and accepting yourself,
  • You look for self-love and more self-confidence,
  • You feel that you are here for a mission or purpose in life,
  • You feel "different" or sensitive,
  • You can strongly feel other people and energies,
  • You would like to contact your guides or "the higher realms",
  • You seek deepening with yourself and the Universe,
  • You can feel and see things but don't know what it is
  • You want to get to know yourself thoroughly in order to develop your potential and gifts.


In this online course:

  • You learn the right preparation and attitude to prepare for channeling,
  • You purify all chakras and bodies to achieve the purest vibration possible,
  • You heal your blockages from this life or a past life that has prevented you from fully using your intuition and skills,
  • You work through the modules step by step at your own pace to build a solid foundation before taking the step to the real work and connecting with one of your guides or your Higher Self,
  • We do activations and meditation exercises to increase your vibration.


The Channeling course is designed to help you on the path to channeling, but also to get to know yourself and to connect in a profound way. The aim of the course is to help you connect to your Higher Self, so we will focus on "self work" to establish a clear and firm connection to the Higher Self before channeling it.


We focus on channeling your Higher Self because you carry within the wisdom and inner knowledge that the Masters also have; as you are a Master yourself! Everything can be found in your own heart. We will focus on channeling the "Self" from the heart, so that you do not begin to channel from a point of separation (mind), but from a point of union with the Self. The whole course consists of 6 modules divided into steps of "self work" in the form of a PDF (140 pages), audio meditations & audio activations (22), to get to that point of channeling. This course can be done online; you do not need to be physically present, you can do this course at your own pace. I will follow up with you via email if there are any questions about the course: 1 question a week. Everyone should start with Module 1 because the foundation is important no matter how awakened or evolved you are on your spiritual path. Take your time for each module, there is no pressure. It is best to go through the course as deep as possible with "self work" so that there is a good basis for the actual channeling.


During the course you will find out which method of channelings suits you best.


The course is concluded with 1 zoom session of 60 minutes. A session to take the first step into channeling under my guidance. All sessions will be recorded, and you will receive an mp3 of this session.