Tsolians - integrating the Cosmic Divine Source of your I AM and the Infrared Spectrum

Published on 14 May 2022 at 18:22

Credit picture: Karl Morfett 


Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont



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We greet you in this day of auspicious shifts into your reality of being. We are the Tsolians of the Delta Quadrant of this Cosmic multiverse and once again we come forth with a message of peace and exhilarated energies to uplift and assist the Cosmic reawakening within the Self.


We move from consciousness to consciousness to instigate some awareness and to bring the Cosmic Source in alignment with your collective awareness, this through this communication but also through the awareness of our Cosmic Being on an energy level of consciousness. We are here to speak of the infrared spectrum and of the integration of your Cosmic Divine Self, your I AM awareness in this state of being.


As we have mentioned in our previous message, we use the infrared spectrum at this time to communicate with you and also the higher consciousness that some of you have been embodying at this time. This gives us the opportunity to come forth in this Quadrant and in this universe, so we can communicate openly with you all, with those who are ready.


The infrared spectrum is a part of the Vibrational Waves of Light and of the Cosmic energies, that has been invisible to the physical eyes. It allows one to see behind the so-called veils and to see right through the particles and the holographic reality of this prevailed illusion. Infrared is something you all have within you as a sort of blueprint, and it is starting to reactivate as we speak.

It is deeply rooted in the parts of the DNA of that which your science calls “junk DNA” and it has been called junk DNA for a reason, to keep you unaware of your most precious abilities and Divine Self as a whole. That particle of the DNA where the infrared spectrum lies, aligns with the particles of the human brain and even with the third eye, for it is that eye that will be used to start seeing more ethereal movements and existence.

The pineal gland plays a crucial role here concerning the infrared spectrum, for it produces the hormones and the energies to activate this into your reality, as a standpoint from your inner eye perspective. Therefore a clean environment ~ embodiment ~ pure water and eating healthy foods are important to maintain in your eating patterns and in your life structure.

Our energy is here to assist humanity with this process, for we have the means and the consciousness to provide assistance to all of you with this. It is our consciousness level that instigates the already existing flame of the Infrared spectrum, this through a sort of blending with our consciousness through your awareness and allowance of our energies.

As the veils are lifting at a constant pace now and your prevailed illusion is dissolving more and more, realities become clear to see. Not only the old reality and the emerging new reality to be, but also the Cosmic and higher realities of which you all are a conscious part in consciousness and in being.

This is why the blending again with your Cosmic awareness and with your I AM is so important, for it brings you onto the Galactic level of your being and this in this current embodiment. Your consciousness of the Human collective is transmuting and revealing a lot at this time, this to make place for the purest I AM embodiment of your being on a Galactic level.

This brings you all into a higher awareness and on the Galactic level of being, where you blend again with all of your Galactic aspects, where a conscious interaction with your own galactic energy as well as with your light family comes forth through embodying this consciousness.

Until now you have been unaware of all the Galactic consciousness that has been around you and within you, whereas at present this starts to shift and this veil is being lifted very graciously indeed. And as you embody your higher and Galactic levels more and more on a conscious level, the infrared spectrum takes its turn to reactivate because this is your consciousness level where you acknowledge your own Divine and Galactic Self to BE.

Your stellar Galactic Brothers and Sisters have been around you for ages and even more so in the Now, but you could not see them even when they were standing right in front of you. This is so because humanity tends to see everything outside of themselves in the “out there”. One could not look and see because their consciousness was not at that level of acknowledging the oneness within oneself.

Now you are at a turning point here, where you all start to finally allow your Divine Self to be and to acknowledge this as a part of you. This higher consciousness allows the infrared spectrum to be activated within you again and so you all ~ those who are ready ~ will start to see through the third eye again and will be able to see your Galactic Stellar Brothers and Sisters surrounding you, with the infrared spectrum fully activated within you.

You will be able to catch ethereal and light movements around you in your awareness, as you see the cosmic embodiments as how they choose to represent themselves. Until now you have been looking for physical representations, but as you come to realize that everything is consciousness, you see this all as it is in its purest way possible for you to tune into and to catch with the “eye”.

More of these fantastic and cosmic realities are crossing yours, as you lift yourself up into these realities of being. All is consciousness of Oneness and so are we with you.

With Blessings,

The Tsolians


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