Equinox portal – Transcending the illusion and structures of your memory

Published on 19 March 2022 at 15:55

Credit picture: Karl Morfett 


Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont



Let us begin by saying, welcome in this momentum. We are consciousness and Beings of Transcendence whom are assisting your Earth realm of duality and illusion with the level of transcendence. Andera is what we call home and it is the law of unity which lies within the womb of creation called Andera.


After Humanity has fallen in consciousness many years ago, now is a time of resurrection out of that fallen Age. Humanity is driving with the wheel of fortune onto an accelerated path. Understand that everything you have ever considered as true shall be stripped off in front of you so that you may see beyond the curtain of illusion. The time of uplifting the veil of illusion has arrived and is happening as we speak. This is a grand way, obvious for all.


The more the curtain is being lifted, the louder ye’ll shall hear all that which has been hidden from you for many centuries. And not only this, ye’ll shall see how illusion has held you into it’s grip. The time to arise out of the ashes is upon you as your structures of illusion do not longer hold and are fading away. This is the form of destruction and being repelled.


Listen to your internal voice (heart) as this is the creator of your realm. What you feed and decide to listen to, shapes your experience and reality. It fuels your heart and invokes your destiny. This voice is not what you call the ego, it is your internal compass. Your Higher Self whom carries the knowledge and the wisdom of the eternal. The ego is that which resists, which resides in fear and whom is only voicing concerns. The internal heart knows and is always in peace with it.


Your understanding about your journey will exponentially expand. There is no reason to lay yourself low or rebuild what is being destroyed, as this is the nature of your human-self: the resisting of letting go and the urge to rebuild the exact copy of what must go in the first place. Security is tempting, but this all is making you understand that there is not more to life than life itself. Understand this well. Life IS what it is all about: everything what life brings forth and about. Life is living and giving, experiencing and you go/are as it goes.


This helps to understand the nature of being in the Now. Now gives you everything and opens the web of creation and opportunity. It is here where you all are to reside in and where we step in to assist you with. Transcendence is the level where your Earthly realm is currently stepping into. It is the next step for the birth of the new world; a realm of disillusion and the understanding that one can create his/her own illusion or reality.


Bring yourself to the center of your heart, the core of your Being as we advise transcending all your beliefs. The outgrowing of your shell in every form and format of existence is upon you. Shed off your skin with all the information it holds to go along with it. It is your time to truly step out of your illusion and see the world, as well as yourself, as it is. These core beliefs are being shaken and boiled for that reason. It is bringing you back to your roots.


With lots of Love and patience, you can handle this. Stay in the heart and blink to see the difference. You will find it at that moment between the blink and the opening of your eyes. That is transcendence vibration, that moment. Make use of that moment and feel.


With Love and companion, we salute you by heart.




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