The separation of worlds

Published on 12 April 2021 at 19:22

Something is going on, and it has clearly to do with the separation of worlds. In this format I will be using the word “dimension” instead of the “world”. To each one of us: we have the idea of living in a world because we experience everything around us as a world we are born into, placed into. Yet in reality the world is layered into dimensions where we experience each dimension as a realm of energies/vibration. Thus, we live throughout different dimensions, and we can experience all of these dimensions consciously and simultaneously while being at one same place. (Physically)


It is all frequencies we tap into. The more expanded our consciousness is, the broader our “antenna” reaches these frequencies. We can get to this by being in the present moment.


At this moment we are reaching a point where a separation takes place. It is very clear when you look around in the world, it is happening. Groups are being formed, different consciousness groups are binding to create their reality and manifest their vibration to experience. At this stage we are at this time. You can see division taking place and you can feel the disagreements fire up because one group cannot understand the other group and so on. This is because there is a huge difference in consciousness and vibration. The splitting up is caused by both internal and external influences.


Remember one thing and may this be loud and clear: you cannot and you may not convince another of your truth and insight ! Everyone is here to find out their truth and resonance during the path of awakening. It is a unique path and therefore not to be persuaded. You don't know which soul agreements and experiences are signed up for. Stay lovingly in your own Being and use solely choices to raise your own vibration. Keep the vibe as High and as positive as possible, each and every day. This is YOUR journey, experience it the fullest. This assists the world as well. Trust me, that Gaia has chosen a long time ago, to ascend into higher realms. It cannot be stopped, She is very fierce about this. Let us help Her.


A week ago I received a very clear message during sleep. I was contacted by my guide, He came to visit me and showed me how the world – and every(thing)one in it was shrinking into dark ashes or dying. The Universe was no longer feeding this current 3rd Dimension. He said that I had to make a choice for myself this instant: stay and die along or jump. It went very fast, I literally had 1 second of time. My guide pulled out his finger and created a vortex that was opening. All I had to do was jump into it, and so I did.


After that, I came into another Dimension; the 4th Dimension. Again the same image appeared with the same question from my guide. This one was shrinking too, as the Universe was not giving life to this Dimension any longer. Everything vanished instantly. Again, I made the same decision without any hesitation. A beautiful Golden vortex appeared and I dived into it, head and hands first, blindly.


Now I have arrived into a magnificent world. Much the same as this one only are the colors of nature much brighter. You can see and feel Love in the air as you walk on these lands. Everyone lives together in Harmony, one big community with peace and understanding. We even live together with the dark parts and entities: for me it was symbolizing that it was all about unity. It reminds me of Lemuria in a way.


What I noticed most about this entire experience is that during the entire dream I was only aware of myself; meaning that I did not have any notification of others (family, lover, friends..) I felt whole and complete in- and with myself that there was no idea of separation and therefore no consciousness of having a family. This symbolizes the state of being one with your Self and of your soul choice. If I would have any consciousness of “leaving” loved ones behind, the chance existed that I would not have jumped, who knows.. But that state was powerful and it felt so good.


Expect changes in the line of separations, people that will leave this plane and ties that are ending. It will bring much mayhem, unfortunately. This is very well possible. Be prepared for chaotic scenarios and many people dying as the worst case scenario. It is all very possible due to soul choices and the fear that is being programmed through the media. This is how it is today, hopefully better ways of awakening will come at hand. But this change is inevitable and is happening.


For you out there, whom is awakening or awakened, keep your heart and vibe high and in a loving vibration. Ground thoroughly to stay centered as we are on for a wild ride. Don't let these propaganda programs, tear you down. Keep your vibe high and don't mingle in discussion and accusations. Take care of yourselves and your children, move forward, seek solutions that are innovative. Stay true to yourselves, your bodies and your heart. Together we are strong!


With Love,

Méline Portia Lafont


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