Super Bloodmoon eclipse May 26, 2021

Published on 27 May 2021 at 00:01

Super Bloodmoon eclipse May 26, 2021


A Bloody Mary type of version.... A lot of real deals and strong deals are served to us during this passage and it is quite intense.
Remember the partial Solar Eclipse on July 12 – July 13, 2018? That has been proven to be a very emotional and intense one for many... The emotions have been hitting the charts during that passage for many on plenty of levels. Well, we have another one in store for us that will continue this journey but on a deeper level and with more power than the previous one. This because this time it is our Moon that will eclipse. (Moon = emotions)
Let me explain you why – as seen from an energetic perspective, I am not an astrologer but a channel for energy forecasts..
Blood Moon
This Lunar Eclipse will turn the Moon into a red-orange color because the moon will pass by in the Earth's shadow. This can turn the moon into a reddish color.
The Blood Moon energies stir emotions, deep emotions, buried feelings and sensitivity. A rush of things will pass your radar all over again, so it seems. (emotions)
The Total Lunar Eclipse energies on the other hand are rather bringing a shift in consciousness. (Eclipse stirs emotions)
A Supermoon format makes the energies more palpable and extra felt in our fields. 
We are in a wave of massive emotional clearing and it is a necessity to have that part of us being stable (collectively) for our next shift in consciousness. Things WILL arise for sure: massive changes are about to occur and we NEED to be stable for when this fact is being more embodied as an experience on our Earth. Not only Collective shifts and changes but personal and internal things as well. Stability is a constant priority and this will have to be perpetually so soon.
We cannot shift well and function well, while lingering in instability. We have to become conscious of our emotions and deal with those in a stable and conscious manner.
On an Energetic perspective
This eclipse is a turning point, a shift and a long one. This is more intense for our bodies and our field than the previous one. It holds a much stronger frequency due to the additional energies of the Blood Moon and this being a Supermoon. 
Bathing in water during the eclipse feels favorable to me. If you have a pond in the garden while gazing upon the moon during the eclipse, emotions will run stronger and easier. It is like a quicky: fast but intense. Let it all out and merge with the moon.
Spending time in nature during the eclipse feels as lightening up the intensity. If you want a smooth one; this is favorable.
Meditating during the eclipse feels as an intense insight to me. Meet your frustrations and politely let them out through the door of experiencing the feeling and not the action.
Sleeping during the eclipse feels as a grand processing of emotions during dreams. Headaches can be pointing out to clearing work during it.
It is your choice if you wish to experience this consciously or not. I, personally am going to cleanse my crystals so that they are free and have room to store, to assist and to clear. Massive eruptions are here to come.
With love

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