The current changes

Published on 24 March 2021 at 00:00

Channeling from Lady Portia


Greetings Beloveds


We have noticed that some seeds are being planted and integrated into the mind of this Dimension. What has been sown and planned will come to pass as the main energetic flow runs and lives in your alliances. You have formed alliances with certain souls that are part of your own soul group as well as with souls that come from another soul group.


We are speaking here of a Star group consciousness where you have agreed upon a creation to help and transform this world into union, as well as to transport all of your alliances into the present; in the here and the NOW on Earth. It is an agreement to anchor the change that each of you has been invoking here on Earth in this world and Dimension.


As Master Saint Germain keeps saying, “change is the only constant that IS,” and we may take that very literally.


So what's going on these days? Let's take a look at this on an energetic level and may this lead you further on your path. After all, it's all about understanding and realizing your own essence of Being, isn't it? To know yourself. This is what it's all about. Everything that crosses your path and every event in your life has only one intention, regardless of whether it is good or bad in nature. And that is to bring you back to yourself, your true SELF.


It takes you through certain emotions, feelings, senses, experiences and situations that are all asking the same thing from you over and over again: this being to bring your focus and your attention to your inner world! In this inner world are all the answers that you so seek. All of the world events are birth pains to bring forth the new energies and the new consciousness here on Earth. What matters and where the attention should be is in the womb, and thus this attention should not be placed on the contractions and / or the external reactions to all this happening.


Isn't this everything we so hoped for ?! Change ... What we all wished for? Prayers, supplications, decrees and creations?

And so are we doing that, but it takes us deep and very profoundly through the birth canal. Therefore, we experience these birth pains and labor pains which in itself are part of the birthing process of change. We are all connected with each other and Mother Earth, even through other realities and Dimensions. Of course are we each part of this and do we contribute.


Ask yourself whether you are open to consciously participate in this and if so, how far do you want to go in this? Determine, very clearly, for yourself what your share in all of this is when the time is right. Participate wholeheartedly in something that you believe in and can relate to,  in something that interests you and that feels in your heart as a cause that serves the Highest good of each and this world.


Never forget that change always starts with you, that Love starts as you and that you are connected to everything in different ways. Everything you say, do and move has an effect and has consequences on everything else that is part of this world. You can initiate change by, for starters, making a difference in your own world both internally and externally!


Making a difference starts with awakening and becoming aware of yourself, opening your heart as the heart is the connection point to all Dimensions, Masters, Beings, Stars, Suns, worlds, realities and people. What do you become aware of? What do you notice, what do you feel and what do your senses bring to you? What insight crosses your mind? Share it with others as this sharing with others gives you the space to let your consciousness and energy make its way into this world. Others may come into contact with this, even being on the other side of the world, or they may even begin to become a part of your reality that embodies the same energy. (resonance)


You open doors in this way, merging different worlds to form a new order: the Order of restoring the natural balance within. The masculine and the feminine, light and dark, positive and negative, the inhalation and the exhalation ...


We are the guardians of cellular memory:


We choose to communicate in human language so that we can pass on new concepts about the structure of your Being in the shape of your cells. We receive the impulses, the symptoms, the energy, the peaks and the information. We guard the old memory, we transport unprecedented knowledge to be integrated into the memory of your cells, we monitor what is to come and we transport what is present.


At this present time, you are all in a phase of rebirth, preparation, and acceleration. This is to propel you all further and deeper into the Golden Age or the New World ~ The Aquarius Age, which embodies the energy of timeless, immortality and vitality.


Your new cells are born under the transmutation of old substances. It is a very deep and intimate process that feels like you are going through the mangle. It seems endless, relentless and repetitive, but it is unique and an experience in itself.


Now that your bodies and the cells are transforming, including many other parts of yourself and life itself, there is no better way to support all of this than to start examining, questioning and opening yourself up. Your old programs are no longer supported and are failing to function any longer. Things can potentially get more difficult for you as long as you keep yourself trapped in this habit of control.


These old energies are being stripped away and along the way, whatever is connected to them will be stripped with it.




The birth of new energies brings uncertainty for the unknown, a certain fear. Therefore, by being self-aware and centering yourself, you will assist yourself through the birth process, because then you know yourself and you therefore know what you are capable of. It is more difficult to let go of things than to take a step into the new. Well, we are here in the NOW and we all do this together. Collaborate and follow the path of confidence in yourself, the path of openness and admission with an open mind.


When one experiences the new and unknown, it only takes a nanosecond to be “known” to another who then experiences this same world together with you and as you experience at the same time. In other words, it takes only one individual, one soul, and one step to change something unknown into something known. Which in itself allows and gives everyone the opportunity to take a step into a new world. As we are all connected with each other, is the making of one simple step into the unknown by one single soul something that will quickly become known to all, This because the  unknown has now become an experience and will be no longer feared.


Imagine what each of us can do if we all make the conscious choice to explore the unknown and take a step. Then worlds will open within worlds so that change can proceed. So, don't get stuck into your old habits and comforts, but become the adventurer with an open mind and heart.




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Jan stokkink
3 years ago

What a beautiful truth lady Portia and Meline