Lion's Gate - Portal of Divine Potential

Published on 4 August 2022 at 22:07

Lion’s Gate


The spheres in the Halls of Amenti are clearing the passages through their final destination. Sirius moves into a Stellar Gateway, which means that aligning with Sirius brings you now an ordeal of massive shifts in order to clear out any negative pathway as well as old remains. Our great central Sun is a Gateway, a portal to alternate Universes where the sphere of Amenti was original created on the ethereal spheres.


Aligning ourselves and the Earth with Sirius, creates great potential for internal realization and prospective. A deep transformation through the Dimension of matter and Spirit takes place as where the internal realization comes about.


One must now define which alternate Universe and Parallel reality you wish to anchor upon, as you state clearly your I AM Presence to be fully integrated and anchored in the realm of your choice. You choose now where to experience and Be anew, as you give yourself the opportunity to transcend old beliefs and values.


The transcendence is outgrowing old beliefs and getting into new ones. Can you imagine the depths of these realities within one Self? It is endless and informative, always transcending and changing.


Comes there an end to all of this transformation? No, dear ones, there is never an end to change as everything IS constant change and flow. There is just no linear direction, only the flow of everlasting.


Sit within yourself these days of the Lion’s gate portal and connect with your potential. Make a strong case of it by stating to internalize the I AM Presence through the Sirius alignment and Gateway of potential. Decree for the Halls of Amenti to free yourself from the old ways of Being and introduce you to the potential of the Now moment, align yourself through your I AM with the Higher dimensions and crystallized future of your Being.


You are being called to internalize, this means to shift your prospective to the internal plane and to anchor these onto your reality through your vessel. Dive deep and make the connection with your Sacral chakra to open the gateways and portals in your aura field by stating:


I AM my I AM Presence throughout time and space, parallel realities and Universes. I decree to open the gateway of Divine Potential in my Sacral chakra and lit all of the portals in my aura which connect me with my Divine Potential. A rainbow sphere now illuminates my Being and creates a gateway where Divine Manifestation of my Divine Potential births through my Solar Plexus chakra. Therefore I AM that I AM, and so it is.”


In accordance to these great forces, I AM.


Truly enjoy this sacred passage and let Love live in your heart.



Méline Portia Lafont


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