December - Explosive energies

Published on 18 December 2021 at 14:00

The Solstice Gateway and Full Moon in Gemini


December – A month of explosive energies


A flood of information is entering our spheres on Earth. An incoming Intel which is all about explosive and over the top expansive energies. This is the chosen path the collective must run in order to get to that point of freedom and a next level of Ascension.


We are being bombarded, once again, with very Cosmic frequencies as our Sun conjuncts the Galactic center during the Full Moon in Gemini. This means that we are more able to tap into the Cosmic energies and information, which is of a Cosmic and Galactic nature. Often during such alignments, one can access not only the Galactic energies but too receiving intel that is connected to Higher consciousness and futuristic ideas. If you have ideas and insights coming up around this time, make sure to write these down as they may come in handy later one.


It is gazing way over the boundaries and accessing new received potential. It is important to stay focused and balanced, to maintain an internal connection to make it so that your internal reality becomes your external reality. In other words: shifting your focus on your internal world. Mastering your attention, feelings and shifting from external authority to internal authority. You are the Master who creates YOUR reality.


You have everything inside you, all the tools and ideas to create your reality. It is you that is the one who shapes and shifts one’s reality. Everything you see outside you is a reflection of your internal world. Therefore, we are assisted to shift during this passage so that we can mold our new reality for the collective from our internal Sun. Yet, we are required to release all of our old values and energies. The Solar eclipse earlier this month has granted us that opportunity as the dirt and negative energies were sucked out of our Solar Plexus, leaving many behind with a sense of sickness or pain in that area.


It is the internal Sun which causes contractions to rise up, a rebirth process to overcome our boundaries and find the way physically to eternal freedom. This is what this month is all about: the rebellious freedom, the expansive and explosive energies that are fighting for our freedom, the highlighting of secrets and choices. We have a lot of astrological signs supporting the expansive shift of consciousness, leaving us with many ascension symptoms as our physical vehicles are catching up with the immense shifts in consciousness coming forth from the Galactic Center.


We are being pushed towards another pivotal moment where a lot of truths are coming forth and much more is to come. The length of this energy is being stretched out in the upcoming year, opposing energies igniting, the old structures and the remains of what lies stuck to be highlighted and released.


People are waking up, more are ready to shift in consciousness as the internal Sun awakens. Light workers whom have been doing their light work for many years are now filling up the gaps and transcending as much as possible in order to be ready for the next step for the collective. This is needed in order to stand by for those who choose to take the pathway of Ascension as of now. The waking up is clearly being heavily shaken up through all the global happenings.


We never said that change and transformation would be without events. It is these events that allow transformation and awakening to take place as all is energy into motion. Now, as consciousness expansion is on the Horizon, we require more “proof” and more “change” to come about so that people may wake up out of their sleep state and internal disconnection. The more that comes about, the less will remain stuck in their ego. The Full Moon in Gemini offers facts and information to be highlighted.


All comfort and ego will be stripped away in order to get back to the basics of all: the essence. Therefore, is it about staying true to ourselves, staying calm and centered, peacefully and grounded in oneself. Much joy is coming our way, but we must handle the darkness well first. Finding that inner darkness inside ourselves is what must come first will we be able to handle that of the collective as well. Remember that it is about your internal plane first, as what you shift and change within, always and automatically shifts the collective outer world as well. This is how you assist the global transformation.


As much movement and change is heading us towards our final goal, explosive energies are coming at hand. Energies such as anger, judgment, chaos, turbulence, rebellious, unsteadiness, triggerings will present themselves more in order to move the old order out of its axis and collapse. There is this surge of “not going to comply” and secrets coming out which will continue for several months. Yet on the other hand a lot of beautiful energies are popping up as well this upcoming time which are those of acceleration, awakening, hope, integration of Higher consciousness, mastery.


If I have to put it into a nutshell, I would say that December and its upcoming portals will be all about internal work, Mastery and the shift of the old versus the new. As the New world is being shaped and created by US, RIGHT NOW, the old world is crumbling down and showing its demise more and more. Yet, while we are in between these Eras there are a lot of things happening. The message is to always remain hopeful about your future because you are the one who creates it, no one else. Your reality shapes along the reality of this world. Thus, keep your light on and your heart open. Stay loving and peacefully, grounded with Love.


No matter what happens in your outer reality, remind yourself that these are “attempts” and “programming” in order to seduce you to get into believing that this will be the case. If you stay grounded with hope in your reality and how you create it to be; you will not be seduced to get into that trap. So remain focused and diligent. Stay peaceful in voicing your energy. Voice it well and as loud as you want but do it from a state of peace and Love.


We will see a lot of happening in areas such as: banking, food supply, weather conditions, internal changes, values, emotions, the old order and those in charge concerning secrets, inequality, justice and so on. All is shifting and because it is a process, it takes what it takes. Our state of consciousness is primordial in this !


Take good care of yourselves and especially your physical vehicles. It needs care and assistance because our vehicles are being bombarded with very intense Cosmic energies this Full Moon.


Later More for the Solstice.


Love, Méline


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Mazie Miles
2 years ago

Wonderful news. Happy to see you again Meline!
Divine gratitude

2 years ago

Hi sweet Mazie,
It is so lovely to see you here! Welcome <3
Much Love your way xxx