Published on 11 October 2021 at 10:07


There is this surge and sense of “I’m not fitting in anymore”, “I'm not feeling part of my group of friends”, “I do not belong here”. The mystery around this unfolds and continues to exist because it is getting stronger and stronger.


I’m outgrowing the 3D level and 3D friends, that particular life is not fulfilling anymore for a long time, but now more than ever. I simply can’t function in this any longer. The fear, the drama, the hardship… 3D is crumbling down, and departure is imminent for many.


I’m growing more and more towards the 5D reality: a reality where Love, equality and harmony is the way of living. I’m ready for this, and it’s been a long rebirth to finally realize my 5D realm. And I AM here, I feel, in my heart and Spirit.


The continuation of this demonic structure to be crumbling down, brings heaps of chaos and disastrous situations. YET, the key lies in seeing for what it is: and that is the breaking through of a 5th dimension on our collective reality. Every change stirs the pot as all effects everything. Life is everlasting change, a continuation of existence in every form and way one can BE.


It brings up the fundamental structures to be reviewed and redeemed, to renew within the new incoming light. As every belief consists of a story, because every story creates a belief, everything is truth by nature. You see it as you feel it. It is your experience, therefore your truth.


The world is now filled with many truths, and every truth is fighting another truth. Why is that? Considering that all is truth and all just IS. We are fighting our inner demons and for some reason some even go further and start fighting their own good Light within. Love is being resisted, anger is being fed.


The collapse of the 3D matrix is imminent, we can see it dissolve already in the Now. Planetary conjunctions are spreading the word: the time has come. Be ready!


I’m ready as can be! The jump into 4th and 5th Dimension is happening, and so now I’m finding myself alienated. Not aligning with 3D, and not even with my like-minded 5D friends and family. I’m in the in-between space where it is time for a rebirth on the inner plane. I’m trying to find my way, but neither of those both realms feels my home. At this time, nothing resonates with my soul. Only emptiness and calmness, which can be fulfilled by solitude. This is my way of Being for the moment.


This surge of emptiness within me comes forth from my inner eye. It seeks to find, but there is no way to find, as to Be. I can’t pinpoint nor link into anything at the moment. The space where I’m finding myself is nothing but stillness, a moment of sensing all and nothing.


The Om-nil.


Om represents the Allness, the everything and All that Is.

Nil represents the emptiness, the nothing.


Everything is all encompassing and nothing at all, simultaneously.


Prior to be bursting out of life, life itself Be within. It is your momentum to be and accelerate as you continue to be. Stay focused and strong, hold on. We’re in the greatest changeover of our times. The illumination starts with us and from us. Keep your flame and Love High awake. There is only this to feed and nothing else.



Méline Portia Lafont


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