"Pure - Loving and Accurate "


Announcement : STOP readings in 2024

Last readings can be booked til 15 December 2023

All readings are channeled and come forth from a Higher and Pure Source. This information is transferred with great care and professionalism, which I spend a lot of time on. As a confidential advisor I maintain professional secrecy and is everything passed on from a neutral attitude and source. I am only the messenger and give you what the Higher Intelligent Sources let flow through my body as a telepathic message. The Masters that I have been working with for many years, are of a very high vibration and frequency of Love. I am making use of my clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant skills along with the strong connection I have had with the Masters since childhood.

I am not a medium (communicates with the deceased, limited to 4th dimension/astral world and time predictions) but a light channeler (communicates with Higher Light Beings and vibrations, this goes far beyond the 4th dimension. Multidimensional work).


I do NOT make time predictions or solve mysteries - In the Higher Dimensions and the Universe, time does not exist as in our 3rd Dimension on Earth. I work from the Here-and-now, the Universe and with the power of creation.

(Example questions not allowed are: Who - questions, Where - questions, When - questions. "Who is my future partner and where can I find them? When will I get rich?..." "Who did this? Where is a missing person? What happened?" )

For such questions, I am happy to refer you to a card reader.


My readings are readings of the soul and your energy. I pass on what I see, feel and never what you would like to hear but what comes through and what you need.


All readings below are available in Doc or PDF and will be delivered to you by email.

Aquarian reading

Have you always wondered where you come from, what your life purpose or mission is? As a child, did you always feel "different" and not at home on Earth? Have you lost your way and do you keep encountering blockages? Is your health not in balance? Are you looking for your path, talent and answers? Do you want to better understand about certain life lessons or have a knowledge of who your guides are, why things happen? Are you stuck and have you lost hope in life for a while? ...


This reading gives you the answers you are looking for. If you are requesting a Reading for the first time, you need to order the Aquarian reading because this format is an extended version and is quite a few pages longer than a follow-up Reading. This reading includes a wide range of information + answers on your 3 questions. We provide general background information about you as a soul. In addition to the 3 questions or topics that you can ask, this reading also gives you the following standard:

💫 Star or Galactic origins and more explanation

💫 Who your guides are at this moment

💫 Your birth ray

💫 Your dominant ray of light

💫 Current vibration of consciousness

💫 Your essence vibration

💫 Mentioning a few past lives, not further expanded

💫 A number of talents / gifts listed, not further expanded

💫 Your Spirit animal

💫 Crystals that you need now and are in resonance with

💫 A number of oracle cards drawn especially for you that will provide you of extra messages


Price: 133 Euro

Scorpion reading

This reading is available after an Aquarian reading and is therefore a follow-up reading. You are now aware of a number of aspects that shape you into who you are in this life and that allow you to immerse yourself in your Self. Does the Aquarian reading raise a number of questions / do you want to know more about a certain aspect more detailed? Is there a connection with your work / an individual / a situation or place that you want more depth in? Are there pressing questions and topics you would like to know more about? Is there a situation that you need to make a decision about? ...


This reading will provide you with answers to your questions with a deeper and more detailed message. Everything that you need to know now and that applies to you, that is important, will be given to you. Again, you can ask 3 questions or indicate 3 topics that I will discuss with your guides in more detail. This reading revolves around your questions in the first place and  therefore will be fully worked on that. Here you will experience personal contact with your guides.


This reading includes the following:

💫 Who your guides are at the moment

💫 Answers more extensively to your 3 questions / topics

💫 Your dominant Ray of light

💫 Current vibration of consciousness

💫 A number of oracle cards drawn especially for you that provide extra messages

💫 A list of crystals that you need now and are in resonance with


Price: 100 Euro

Venus reading

This reading takes a look at your relationship with a particular person. This can be a romantic relationship, but also a family or friendship connection. Here we take a short journey through some past lives and tell you the main points from a past life or several lifetimes that affect your relationship in this present.


The relationship ray and your personal blueprint can also influence your experiences together as well as what you attract and reject in each other. This short reading can simply and clearly (comprehensively) give a better view of your relationship with a certain person, but it can also help you to bridge or let go of certain aspects in your relationship and in yourselves.



Price: 70 Euro

Oracle card reading

An ideal short reading for pressing questions and concerns. The Oracle cards convey a message and will tell you which energy currently is present in your life, what is affecting your life and what you should look at. A quick way to help you with urgent questions.


In addition to the Oracle cards, you will also receive a short elaboration about the drawn cards and a channeled message per card from your guides.


1 to 3 cards per reading.


Price: 60 Euro

Quick question read

A quick way to help you further with urgent questions.


Need clarification? Confirmation? Checking if something is the right decision with a Yes - No question? Need a quick query to help you with a decision? This short inquiry is short and powerful and gives interpretation from the now moment - how the energy is now. Always done within the week and is therefore a short and quick poll.


Price: 30 Euro